How To Reduce Medical Bills: Money Saving On Medicine and Therapy!

If you think you have to spend a small fortune on dental bill, medical bill, medical treatment, and prescription drugs, then this article will set you free, because truth is there are better, and cheaper alternatives.

It was not easy to gather the following information, and I guarantee that you will not find the following information by googling “how to reduce medical expense” (well, it lands you here), “cheap whitening products”, “cheap snoring solution”, “effective hair loss treatment” or any cheesy term like that.

A lot of the search results that come up by entering these search terms are rehashed info produced by Internet Marketers who want to make money by churning out rehashed content that every people are producing. This page will really save you money! More importantly, the cheaper solutions work! They work better than conventional treatment too. You will see actual, uncensored customer testimonies for each of the solution that I introduce here.

Table Of Content

How To Reduce Dental Bill And Prevent Oral Health Issue
How To Reduce Expense For Pain Relief and Chiropactic Treatment
How To Reduce Expense For Asthma and Allergy Treatment
How To Reduce Expense For Insomnia and Snoring Treatment
How To Reduce Expense For Hair Loss Products and Treatment

1. Saving money from dental bills on gum diseases prevention, oral cleaning, teeth whitening, sensitive gums, hygienists, oral surgery… etc

A lot of people have sensitive teeth, bleeding gum, deep gum pockets, and other oral weaknesses. They need to go to the dental office frequently for deep cleasning, tar removal, and other maintainence. The dental expense is a small fortune.

For people who floss and brush the teeth religiously, they are not safe either, because most of them will eventually develop peridontal diseases at least once in their life.

No wonder why so many people have nightmares about teeth falling out. It is pretty foreshadowing. In fact, a lot of people lose their teeth prematurely due to peridontal diseases.

If the problem is found at the early stage, it requires surgery or other expensive dental procedures to treat it.

So how do you prevent, or reverse early stage gum diseases without going to the dental office so often?

When it arrived I decided to try the brush myself and WOW, did it ever tickle! You get used to that sensation within a few brushings. The brush action is lightning fast, no comparison with the Oral B, and my mouth and teeth feel so much cleaner. It literally feels like a visit to the dentist twice a day

johnetx (Lubbock, TX USA)

I have been using philips sonic toothbrushes many many years, during that entire time I never needed any dental work or fillings, in fact I did not even need to visit the dentist. People would always comment on how beautifully white my teeth were. When I did visit my dentist he said my teeth were in far better condition then he had ever seen

H. Aabybro “Global” (UK)

The Philips Sonicare has an one of a kind, patented sonic technology that drives fluid into the gum. It stimulates the gum, making them healthy and strong, and preventing the gum from receding.

Click on the picture to see the online discount price and more reviews for the product!

The high speed motion of the bristle removes the need of manual brushing. You just need to place the brush head on the surface of the teeth and gum to remove tartar and stains. It is proven to make teeth whiter in 2 weeks! It’s much better than corrosive bleaching procedure.

The always have the best price, and it comes with tons of uncensored customer reviews for the products as well. You may click here to for the prices and the reviews.

What if you have deep gum pocket, inflammatory gum, or other potential gum issues?

The answer is this little gadget, the water flosser. It’s very cheap too comparing with a dental visit. This one device could reduce dental office visits from many times to one time a year. In many cases, it actually spares the users from pending gum surgeries! We are talking about saving thousands of dollars here. According to the study, eventually 80% will develop peridontal disease

I purchased this product…after being told by my dentist I was at the beginning stages of periodontal disease. He suggested I purchase the waterpik or face gum surgery. Needless to say I chose the waterpik instead of spending over $1000 for surgery. I just came back from my checkup…the dentist says my gums have healed wonderfully and no surgery is needed.

Jody Godfrey “Jody G” (Cincinnati, OH)

I literally nearly lost my teeth in the dentist’s chair due to gum disease. I took out the Water Pik, bought new Pik Pockets (gingival attachments), and went to work. Adding a few drops of tea tree oil to the water each time, along with appropriate rinses, I was able to reverse the gum disease and save my teeth. My dentist was absolutely amazed.

C. Bismuth “CatB” (Water World, USA)

2. Pain Relief: Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, and Chiropactic expense

Do you have pains issues that are hard to dealt with? Chiropactor appointments and prescriptions drugs are expensive. If you want to find cheap solutions that can substitute these expensive treatments, there are. In fact, there are long lasting products that are more effective than the chiropactic therapies.

The inversion table: It is good for general back pains, sport injury, muscle tightedness, long term injuries, spine problem, lower pack pain, spider vein, and etc. Unless you have metal pin installed in your spine, or if you have high blood pressure, the inversion therapy is mostly good for most people.

Maybe you have to sit all day, or maintain monotonous postures for long hours. This lifestyle will definitely lead to strains for the muscles and pains issues. Spending a few minutes with the inversion table each day will reverse strains and stresses quickly.

Click on the picture to see the online discount price and more reviews for the product!

Florida Senior “Bob” (Florida, USA)

“I can truthfully say that after using the board for one week, five minutes a day, the pain and any sign of the condition had disappeared. I only use it two or three times a week now, but have not had a recurrence of the back problem in the four months since buying the board.” Customer Nickname “Full Service”

Doctors and chiropractors did little to help my back pain. This table does WONDERS! …Well worth the price. Wish I had found this a long time ago. It’s cost is only about the cost of ONE doctors visit, and he did almost nothing to relieve the pain. THIS DOES. What’s not to like?

The Mediflow Waterpillow and Buckwheat Pillow:

Organic Buckwheat Pillow

Click on the picture to see the online discount price and more reviews for the product!

Both pillows do a great job at reducing pains and morning headaches. For those who have migraines headaches, this is a good news, because these pillows can eliminate morning headaches.

The reason why people have pains issue is because of bad blood flow and muscle tightedness. Sleep postures have a lot to do with these two problems. To wake up in the morning without headaches, it is important to sleep well with good blood circulation and let your muscles truly rest. A good sleep posture is paramount.

The pillows conform to the shape of the head, neck, and shoulder. They won’t push against the neck, forcing the head to lie on a higher level than the rest of the body. This posture would cause pains and snoring.

Water Pillow

Click on the picture to see the online discount price and more reviews for the product!

This is also why these pillows are anti-snore. Other anti-snore pillows in the market usually don’t work.

It is much cheaper to get these pillows than to get pain killers or other therapies. The healing will take place everytime you sleep. A pillow is less than $50. It’s pennies per day for your health.

3. Asthma and Allergies Relief

Don’t spend so much money on prescription and inhalers when there are healthier and cheaper alternative—the HEPA air purifiers!

They will purifier the indoor air, making it fresh and light. You can co-exist with your pets again! Some people with heavy asthma now live with 3 dogs and 2 cats without a problem.

Click on the picture to see the online discount price and more reviews for the product!

Lin Hart (California)

I was having 2 to 3 asthma attacks a day. I live in the country and the wood smoke from nearby houses was causing me serious problems. I have had no asthma attacks since I started using this product at night. I put it on its lowest setting and it is very quiet. Better than the steroid inhaler my doctor had me on.

Having a HEPA air purifier that is easy to clean and maintain will save you a lot of money for years to come, if you have problems with odor, stuffy nose, nose snore, and other allergies problem.

You will sleep better when you have an air purifier. Normal people without asthma and allergies will feel the difference too. It helps them sleep better at night.

It will also reduce snoring. Why? because those who snore due to sinus will no longer have sinus problem. It prevents allergies attacks that allergic people endure every night and morning.

4. Insomnia Remedies Products That Work!

Don’t get sleep pills. They will make you groggy. You will not get enough true rest if you are only being drugged into sleep. To sleep well, you need a good pillow, maybe an air purifier (if you have sinus and stuffy nose), a sleep sounds machine, and a light therapy device.

I have already mentioned the pillows and the air purifier, so what are sleep sounds machine and light therapy?

Click on the picture to see the online discount price and more reviews for the product!

The sleep sound machine can play soothing music that mask background noise in your surrounding. The sleep sounds machine usually use sounds of nature such as meadow, raindrop, ocean, river, and etc. It also includes white nose, city noise, train, fireplace, and other kind of noises the can drift you into sleep gently.

Mark T. (Los Altos, CA United States)

I have trouble falling asleep occasionally and sleeping pills make me groggy even after I wake up in the morning. The Duet sleep sound machine does the trick. Since I started using it, I have fallen asleep in twenty minutes or so. Now I am doing well without drugs, so there’re no more groggy mornings.

This is how human brains work. Our brains relax when they hear these kind of background noises. It helps our mind to focus or relax (true focus is peaceful, not strained). It also covers the details of dialogs so that private conversations would not be heard from a short distant away. Likewise, if your spouse or family are watching TV next door, the white noise will mask it nicely and you won’t be disturbed by it.

What about light therapy? It keeps your sleep cycle precisely where you want it to be, and it also treats depression without any side effect. How?

Light Therapy Light

Click on the picture to see the online discount price and more reviews for the product!

Light that stimulates the Sunlight will stimulate happy hormone and makes you feel energetic and cheerful. In the early morning, you can wake up naturally with the help of a sunrise clock, and then use a light therapy device to keep yourself energized.

L. Gray

In less than a week, I already felt the effects of daily exposure of 30 minutes to the light in the morning. Now I have been completely free from depression, and fully energized ever since, 3 months and counting.

Sunrise Clock

As long as you can wake up early in the morning, there is no need to force yourself to go to bed early. If you spend your energy during the day, the sleep hormone will release when you have to go to sleep. The key is to wake up early.

Light therapy also treat depression, winter blue, and jet lag.

I am very sensitive to light myself. When I don’t get enough exposure to light, I become tired and depressed. Many people have this condition. The light therapy is a good way to treat depression and lethagy that come from lack of light exposure.

5. Balding, Hair thinning, Female Hair loss, Male Hair loss

You can easily spend thousands of dollars on hair loss products and therapies, but get no results at all. Beware of products that have little or no customer testimonies at all. The doctors are usually guilty of that. They charge a lot for medical advice, but the advice seldom work comparing with “alternative” health medicine or solutions.

For hair loss problem, I am happy to tell you that there are good sources of customer reviews that tell you what work and what doesn’t work. The solution that works usually are much cheaper than the ones that don’t. How ironic!

dht inhabitor

Click on the picture to see the online discount price and more reviews for the product!

The picture on your left is a bottle of minoxidil. It is a DHT inhabitor. DHT is a toxin that causes baldness. It is the main factor that causes male pattern baldness, and it also causes female hair thinning as well.

This product is FDA approved. It actually works, according to customers.

Brian M. Paul

I am glad to have bought this highly concentrated bottle of minoxidil. My girlfriend had already noticed hair regrowth on my crown within a few weeks of usage.

C. Doyle

In 2 weeks my wife and I have noiced some regrowth! I have tried quite a few products over the years and I thought I could only hope for slowing the hair loss.

Other than DHT, other reasons for hair loss are lack of nutrients, and pollutants in follicles such as chemical and other toxins.

The one brand that actually produces quality products that replendish hair nutrients, and wash away impurities that stifle hair growth is Nioxin.

They make the hair fuller, and the scalp more youthful looking. The cleansing power of the shampoo, and the nourishing effects of the conditioners and scalp formula are well verified by users of the products.

Click on the picture to see the online discount price and more reviews for the product!

O. Danilova (Santa Monica, CA United States)

My hair loss problem has stopped and they now look much healthier and thicker. I highly recommend this product to people who have thin hair naturally or people who are loosing hair.

ImAtThePostoffice “yourownmailbox” (Albuquerque, NM, USA)

One of Mother’s greatest joys included using Nioxon after chemo and her hair was growing back to the point where she didn’t need to use a wig. She always had short, permed hair and it was growing back to her usual look.


There are many other products that have wonderful benefits. I think we have come to a new age when we can no longer trust conventional advertisement, but move on to greater transparency and result-based marketing. Only those who tell the truth will become true successes.

If you have other medical issues that are not included in the above, you might ask me so I can search for credible products that can provide a solution for you.

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400 Calorie Fix Book Review and Online Price

Click here for the amazing price and review

If you believe in controlling calories for weight loss, then this book is for you. It has all the fabulous receipes, pictures, and tips for you to prepare the right ingredient at the right amount of calories for each meal, which is 400 calories, for 4 meals a day.

I am sure that tremendous effort has been put into this book. The one thing that I spotted was that the philosophy of controlling calories may not be the best way to control your weight. There are other more important factors such as the type of fats that you consume, exercise—obviously—and the glycemic index of the foods you eat.

What is glycemic index you ask? It is an indication of how much a specific food can impact the level of blood sugar in your system right after you eat it. It is very important, because foods that have high impact on blood sugar will cause you sugar crash, and that will throw your insulin level off balance.

The result of sugar crash is frequent hunger pangs, and excessive bad fats, because when your blood sugar is too high, the body has to release insulin to regulate it, which converts blood sugar into fat, and when the sugar is gone, the body feels hungry again, and the cycle repeats.

This is why high calories foods do not stop hunger necessarily. Foods with high fiber content, however, do stop hunger. Just eating an apple and vege salad before any meal will prevent you from eating too much junk food.

This book doesn’t mention anything about blood sugar and the glycemic index, but if you believe firmly in calories control and pre-planned meal plans that guarantee you to eat only certain amount of calories, then this is it.

If you are going to buy this book, then you should also look into this one for the glcemic index weight loss method too.

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Barbara Strauch The Secret Life of the Grown-up Brain

Click here for the amazing price and reviews

Just click into the links above and you will see the good customer reviews for this book yourself. You don’t really need me, who haven’t even read the book, but just skimmed through the reviews enough to say a thing or two here.

This book has a very optimistic and reassuring conclusion for the grown-up. I am 29 and am only getting older. It is good to know that I am actually going to be smarter and it is scientifically proven.

Don’t we all know this is going to be the case anyway? It is good to have some scientific support behind that.

This is why younger people should respect and listen to the older people. Oh! And it also means that older men with younger women make sense! The men have more wisdom, problem-solving skill, ability to handle stress, and easier to get along, and the younger women are more fertile!

No wonder as I grow older, my taste for women stays pretty much the same, and actually expanding toward the younger (16-35 is my range). My maturer brain tells me that it is good for reproduction and that younger girls are probably less complicated, less burnt, and less impure, comparing with the older women who are still single.

I used to only like girls who were my age or older, but as I age I change.

Women should definitely marry young and some men can wait if they are financially incapable to lead a family, because they need more time to mature.

Back to the topic, the book states that we become more optimistic and have better judgements as we age. Good to know.

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The Four Hour Body Review

Click here for the amazing price and reviews

The time managment, lifestyle arhitecture, and business guru/prodigy is at work again! This time he is talking about his insights about everything related to the body. People like it and it is a bestseller, so if you want to buy it what are you waiting for?

If you ask me, I would suggest you go to my hubpages instead and find out more about my articles. I write about treating migraines, insomnia, back pains, teeth whitening, and similar things that Tim is talking about in his new book. Oh wait, maybe he got his dieas from me!

I don’t care what this guy is talking about, but I really think he deserves some credits for being so good at creating bestsellers for whatever random stuff he managed to put together in a book. It showed that most people can do anything if they put their hearts into it and use some creativity.

That’s all the credits I am going give him.

You can get similar information by browsing the Youtube for health videos. There are many gurus who talk about many things about health as well. Maybe you can be the next Timothy Ferriss and publish a bestseller too.

And by the way, the subjects that Tim touches on in his book maybe controversal, because there are different school of thoughts, and his ideas are based only on his own experiences and again, knowledge you can find from the Web.

Note: He actually suggested men to increase their testosterone, but hear this from me: increasing testosterone will increase baldness! But there are products that can help cure male balding, so if you are a man and you are going to buy this book and take his advice to increase the testosterone, which works according to readers who actually measure their testosterone, then you must get this to prevent balding.

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Toshiba 32E200U LCD HDTV 1080P or 720P

Click to see the online discount price and reviews

This TV has all the good things that everything a buy could ask for: sharp image, quick response to remote control, nice sound, budget price, and what else do you need? Seriously, the actual buyers will tell you everything about it.

And why do people hate religion so much but they don’t hate their TV? The TV is probably the main source of violence, rape, promiscuity, hatred, propaganda, stupids, torture, occults, and all that, but they blame Christianity for violence! Our society has turned white into black and black into white!

Enjoy your TV when you still have time, because God is coming back soon, and when Jesus arrive to take a peek, as the Bible propheised He would, what would you be doing? Lying on the coach watching violence TV like the SAW 1-7 series?

One day, our younger people will imitate what were shown them through the TV. Everything that was depicted on the screen will find its way into reality, how about that? Everything that has ever happened in the real world is oftentimes more horrible than what is shown on the TV and the TV will only fuel the already suffering world!

My advice is to go to my Christian blog to see what you could do to prepare for the Rapture, instead of getting a new TV! However, if you need to watch documentary, Glenn Beck, history channel, Till Debt Set Us Apart, or any wholesome programmes then you have my approval!

It is amazing how TV can be used as computer moniter these days. Get it as moniter if you can. You need all the tools you need to be more productive. Don’t be skanky when it comes to investing in your productive work!

But if you are using your computer to play games or watch porn, then again, Jesus is coming back soon! Be careful with how you are spending your time.

If you are still reading this article because of its entertainment value, then keep going. Drop a comment or two to pay me your tribute because I have managed to entertain you thus far.

Again, if you want to go back to your shopping, then just click here for the reviews for the Toshiba 32E200U LCD HDTV 1080P! The actual customers have done a fabulous jobs that no salesman or manufacturer can ever do at explaining why this is a good product if you do need to buy a 32 inches TV.

My personal wish list is the iMac! If I get it then I will make more high quality music and comedy YouTube videoes, so if you want to help my cause, then remember to come to this website everytime you want to buy something. Just click through the product links I have here and browse through for the stuff you plan to buy. If you do it within 24 hours of clicking through my links I will get some commission. What a honest way to make a living!

Hey, don’t forget to add me on the facebook, subscribe me through my newsletter, follow me on Twitter, bookmark this website, and drop me a comment here if you want to see more of me ranting about spirituality, End of the World, Anti-Christ, and of course, more quality products reviews and creative writings.

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The Investment Answer

Click here for the discount price and reader reviews

Okay, I have to review this book because it has so many positive reviews from, but do I agree with it? The author seems to think that you and I will still have 30 years to invest. The world is rapidly changing.

Have you thought about the fact that the free market as we know now has only been existing for the last couple hundreds of years? Before that there were not much freedom. People had been living as serfs and slaves prior to the independence of the USA. And this giant experiment of human freedom and pursue of happiness may end anytime soon if you don’t join the TEA party or help them in their cause NOW!

I recommend you to get The Road To Serfdom on top of this book. TRTS is a classic book. At least you learn when to run from your country before it becomes a newer version of the WWII Nazi German.

And I am serious! In light of the artificial financial crisis that was not created by the capitalists, but actually by the central bankers and our governments, I now appreciate the words of Jesus even more: “Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal.”

Who are the thieves? Those who have been creating the inflation for the last 100 years. They were the central banks! When they print out money like crazy, the market get new money supply all the time, and when there is increase in paper money, the actual value of money decreases. This is why the price of gold rises whenever there is a financial crisis that causes people to lose faith in paper money.

And they shouldn’t have placed any faith in paper money to begin with. The more government borrow money from central bank, the more the increase in power. The debt they borrow is then repaid by our tax money! The increase in paper money through national debts erode our real wealth and, the bankers are making profits out of thin air.

This will ultimately allow the government to get so big that it will become too overpowered to be stopped by the people. There will be no more check and balance as the public sector expands too much and the private sector is being sucked dry by tax.

This is why Jesus said thieves will steal your wealth if you accumulate it on earth.

So back to the book. The great thing about this book is that it is very easy to read and the so called experts who rely on giving you complicated advice for commission will hate it! Many people finished reading it within an hour.

Now back to the conspiracy. Folks, the conspiracy theorists might right. A national wide curfew or martial law might come in your lifetime and a dictatorship might arise and reduce you down to a serf. Their goal (satanic banker!) is to enslave the majority of people. They already have the money, but their satanic agenda is to enslave all.

If you want to prepare for what is coming, visit

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How To Be An Adult In Relationship

Click for the amazing price and reader reviews

Richo? What kind of last name is that? Which country does this guy come from? If you know please drop a comment below.

This is yet another self-help book. The readers love it a lot, but I would recommend you to read Before You Meet Prince Charming instead, which is a book for single Christian girls who have to wait for the Mr Right to come along. Don’t experiment people! Reserve yourself for the special someone! Casual dating leads to heartbreak, and heartbreak creates businesses for psychiatists and self-help guru, and this was probably what led you to this book in the first place!

People like to name their books or articles with number. Six steps to this, or seven steps to that. Why does the author has to pick five this time is beyond me, because I didn’t read the book. However, you can really get to know what it is about by reading actual comments from the readers!

Everyone seems to be more optimistic after reading this book. They think their next relationship is going to be better because they have learned something intellectually. My experience tells me that our intellect often deceive us. To think a lot doesn’t necessarily make one smarter. In fact, we can become more confused and disillusional, but somehow satisfied our own egos because we have exhausted our energy thinking so much without finding the real truth!

I don’t believe in self-help. I guess the trick of the industry is to make the readers feel like they are getting something out of the books, and that they will feel smarter and better about themselves after reading their stuff. Appeal to ego!

Don’t think what I am saying is true? Debate me if you want! Drop me a comment and I will bring you the rebuttal swiftly. I dare you! I double dare you!

BTW, I am going to churn out more fun articles in the future, so stay tuned with me for more gigs and beneficial shenanigans. Subscribe to my newsletter for more.

Joking asides, what I am joking about are still my honest thoughts though. So I still dare you!

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